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CSW meeting/ 3rd on 3rd

Carnegie Screenwriters meeting this Saturday, August 16 from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm at the Mt. Lebanon Library.

Mt. Lebanon Library Meeting Room B 16 Castle Shannon Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15228-2252 (corner of Castle Shannon Blvd & Washington Road. Across from the Southminster Presbyterian Church)


Bring pages/scripts to read Ideas to pitch and discuss 3rd on 3rd Script Readings Dravosburg cemetery documentary Script projects *************************************************************

Third on Third Seated readings Monday, August 18 @ 7:00 pm 3rd Street Gallery 220 3rd St. Carnegie, PA 15106


48 Hour Film Project

Thanks to all who contributed to "The Art Lovers" this weekend for the 48 Hour Film Project. To the writers who fought the deadline and submitted scripts Friday night; to Eoin Carney and "the 3rd Street Pool' for the screenplay; to Director Jim Helfrich, DP Ian Altenbaugh, our hard-working crew and production staff, the talented actors, our patient and most accommodating host, Phil Salvato, Judge Bob for the great food and all who supported us. Our film will show as part of Screening Group "D" at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont at 1:00 pm next Sunday, July 20. Thanks and break a leg!


48 Hour Film Project, July 11-13

Dear CSW friends,

The Carnegie Screenwriters will once again be competing in the 48 Hour Film Project - Pittsburgh.

The kickoff is Friday, July 11 from 6:00 - 7:00 at Chatham University. Team representatives will pick genres from a hat.

Then all of the teams are assigned the same 3 elements that must be included in the film: prop, character and a line of dialogue. Writing will take place Friday evening.

Filming will be all day Saturday at the 3rd Street Gallery in Carnegie. Completed films have to be dropped off at Chatham by 7:30 pm on Sunday, July 13. The films will be screened July 18-20 at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont.



CSW meeting Saturday, June 21

Carnegie Screenwriters meeting Saturday, June 21 from 10 am to 12:30 pm Mt. Lebanon Library All are welcome to attend. Bring scripts/scenes to read and discuss Ideas to pitch 48 Hour Film Project July 11-13


Casting Call

CASTING CALL The Carnegie Screenwriters are auditioning actors for "Silent Tales" a documentary to shoot in the Dravosburg and Elizabeth areas (Mon Valley) in late June and/or early July. Mostly weekends. Dates yet to be determined. Actors needed to portray real life as well as fictional characters. Background extras needed as well. Non-union; no pay Food, DVD and credit. Please submit photo and resume to cswfilm@gmail.com

Needed: Men, women and children of various ages Characters: John Risher (real life character) -- one of the founders of Dravosburg; late 50's- early 70's; clean-shaven; distinguished looking; our "Narrator"; lots of time on camera as well as voice-over narration Jabez Griffiths (real life character) -- young Civil War Union soldier; late teens to early 20's; helped carry President Lincoln's body from Ford's Theatre the night of the assassination Edward Pigford (real life character) -- late 50's - early 70's; a survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn; a colorful character and a storyteller; he recounts the events of the battle that became known as Custer's Last Stand; Pigford was assigned to Maj. Reno's squad and thus survived the battle Charles Oliver (real life character) -- a Union soldier who won the Medal of Honor in the Civil War; can be portrayed in his 20's to later in life Daniel Entler (real life character) -- a Confederate soldier who is buried in Dravosburg but remained loyal to the South his whole life; can be portrayed in his 20's to later in life Emily - 20's-30's; a grieving mother whose family is wiped out by the flu epidemic of 1918 A Sergeant -- 30's-60's; present at Ford's Theatre when Lincoln is shot; gives orders to Jabez Griffiths and other soldiers Union soldiers (no dialogue) Bartender (no dialogue Bar patrons (no dialogue) Male driver -- 40's-50 (no dialogue) Women - any age to dress in late 1800's clothes (no dialogue) Young Girl -- 5-10 years old (no dialogue) Children -- 6-10 years old (boys and girls to dance in a circle and sing a "Ring Around the Rosie" type song

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